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Is there an opportunity for you to influence the design of your new community aquatic facility?  Do you want to advocate for your sport before it is too late?  Here are some resources to help you better understand the issues and needs of the major aquatic sports.

Pool Standards
Time was a pool was built for a specific generally exclusive, use.  Technology and planning will aid in developing a multi-use, flexible design facility.

Background information, templates and more will help to minimize duplicating effort.

Building a Business Case *NEW*  
Here is a comprehensive guide to building a long-term aquatic plan for your community.

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Resources and Studies



Resources and Studies
Looking for studies and information on pool facilities and standards. This area is going to grow as we move forward.

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Pool Management



Pool Management
We believe that pool management which balances the needs of the community and the athletes is key to ongoing successful utililzation.

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Pools for Ontario Athletes



Resources for Ontario Athletes
The mandate of the Aquatic Council is to speak for
all aquaitc sport athletes. We have facility utilization
ideas, best practices and programming tips.

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